Kids need healthy habits too!

Seriously, Who buys the food in your house?  What your kids eat is what you give them and what you model for them.  Make some healthy choices for them.  Get rid of soft drinks and fruit juices.  There's nothing wrong with drinking WATER.  Cut way back on breakfast sweets like donuts and pop tarts.  Find something other than Pizza!  Start feeding them fresh vegetables and healthy meats.  Get them off the couch and outside!  Join Scouts or get them on an athletic team!

healthy Physical Activity

(because who wants to Exercise?)

Have you noticed that you can "exercise" like crazy but still not lose weight?  Why is this happening?  Our team can teach you why it's so important in Weight  Loss Maintenance.  Did you know your Toned Muscle Mass sets your metabolic rate???  What do the Biggest Losers in the National Weight Loss registry have in common?  They get out and walk 30-60 minutes a day.  

What does that mean for you??? 

The KE Diet Extreme Weight Loss Challenge

Are you ready for some BIG changes?  Do you think you can't live without Carbs?  The KE Diet has a track record of helping people like you lose 1-2 pounds/day over 10 days safely and without hunger!  You can even do monthly Cycles!  Our own Dr. Gear with just 13% body fat tried it for 8 days and lost 11 pounds!  National average is 6%-9% weight loss in 10 days.  You can use this to kick start our regular program of education, medication, and dedication to movement.

Little tube.  Big Results!  Try it today!

Education and Evaluation

Does your doctor tell you to "Eat less and Exercise more?" Can there be more to it than that?

A quality medical weight loss program should involve medically supervised weight loss by a doctor who is board-certified in obesity medicine.  Our medical weight loss clinic does just that!  Every patient gets education on how we got overweight as a nation.  We discuss what YOU can do to improve.  Medication can be a part of that.  But wait, there's more!  We don't stop at just your weight, we also include all your health.  Call today for your appointment!

Metabolic Syndrome - The Silent Killer

Diabetes.  Cancer. Heart Attack.  Stroke.  Metabolic syndrome increases your risk for all these and more.  In fact, it's said that if you have Metabolic Syndrome, you have a 100% chance of developing Diabetes if you live long enough. 

If you have just 3 of the five things listed below, you have Metabolic Syndrome:

  • Waistline at the top of the pelvic bones greater than 40 in men or 35 in women
  • Borderline Hypertension with BP 135/85 or higher
  • Elevated Triglycerides Greater than 150
  • Low HDL (good cholesterol)  Less than 40 in men or 50 in women
  • Fasting Blood Sugar higher than 100

This is even more scary: 

You only need the high blood pressure and big waist if you are African American. 

It's estimated that 8 out of 10 Hispanic Americans already have Metabolic Syndrome!

Metabolic Syndrome gives twice as many clogged arteries as smoking!  So you have twice as much risk of a heart attack!

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