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exciting lifestyle

Your meal plan does not have to be the same over and over and over!  It's okay to spice things up and enjoy life!  Change up your menu each month.  If the foods don't do it for you, then decorate the table differently - or go out!  Just make good choices and don't head out to the eatery "starving."  Have a little snack before you go.  Eat a healthy Oil or Fat 20 minutes before the main course to help tell yourself you've already eaten.  Eat 10 Almonds and a few of your favorite leaves like Spring Mix.  Eating a fresh vegetable before the rest of your meal releases natural enzymes to help you digest better!  Once veggies are cooked, the natural enzymes are useless!

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Three Common Mistakes

  1. Not making Your Weight Loss a Priority
  2. Letting your Lifestyle Get Boring
  3. Not having a Plan and a Backup Plan

Weight Loss is a priority

Do you really think taking a little pill is going to make you lose weight overnight?  The hard truth is it's just not that easy. You have to make some changes to your Lifestyle.  The only way to truly lose weight and keep it off is to commit yourself to Your Goal.  The Phoenix Weight Loss Lifestyle Works!  You are going to develop some new habits and get rid of some old ones.  Your first new habit is to visualize your goal several times a day.  Make a poster for your wall.  Write your goals on a sticky note and put it on the refrigerator.  These habits help keep your goals fresh in your mind so you are motivated and excited to do the work to succeed!

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My New Years Resolution!

​​How often do you come up with a great New Years Resolution, only to have it fall to the wayside in the first week because "Life Happens?  When do you usually come up with your New Years Resolution?  December 30th?  Then do you just jump into it without any planning?  Most people handle abrupt changes to their lives very easily.  Most of the time, it's better to ease into it.  

You've already learned at Phoenix Weight Loss that we help you every step of the way.  We introduced the history of obesity in America and showed you how and why you got overweight on your very first visit.  We gave you basic steps to start losing weight.  In later visits, we got into more details about how to make things even easier.  If you haven't started with us yet, it's time you do!

I have a solution!  I've started my New Years Resolution 30 days EARLY!  Why?  Because there is so much stuff going on during New Years that I get distracted and my ambitious plans are quickly overcome by "Life" in the first week of January.  It's too easy to get frustrated with that last minute resolution and throw in the towel saying, "Stupid New Years Resolutions!"  Without planning, if those first few days don't go smoothly, it's over.  There's too little room for error and too much risk of disappointment.

Don't fall prey to the New Year's Resolution TRAP!  It sets you up for failure.

Lets do this with less drama and fanfare.  I do my best when I plan, prepare, and test-drive my new programs.  This gives me plenty of time to adjust.

I got this idea from a blog I read and it's really cool!  Here's the New Years Resolution I've been test-driving for the past few weeks:

I wake up every morning at 6 am and the very first thing I do is go outside.  I walk around and observe the environment for about 10 minutes.  It's still dark, so I look at the stars and the sunrise.  If's it's cold, I watch my breath.  I make a connection with nature in some way, however small.  We usually have birds at our house until the Beagles go out, so then I watch the dogs frolic.  Up in the mountains, I have to look harder.  Then I do a breathing exercise, a light stretching routing, and a prayer.  This routine lasts about 15 minutes.  The blog called it "Priming." It's invigorating and really is calming.  The most important thing is to do this first thing - before checking e-mails, perusing the web, or even having my morning Protein Shake.  This helps me begin the day with a clear mind.  Just like with our weight loss program, it took several weeks to get used to this New Habit.  The first few days, I really wanted to check that e-mail.  I conceded to going to the bathroom before going outside since the cold really makes you have to pee.  It took a while to realize there were other critters outside to watch than the dogs.  Of course, I spend half my time working in the mountains and half at home in the Valley, so I have to adjust for the different weather conditions.

Now I'm doing great!  I love my morning Priming routine and I know it will be a winner for 2015.  I've planned it out, tested it, adjusted fire, and now it's just right!  Since I have this down, I know I can succeed at my other New Years Resolutions which involve hydration, exercise, eating, sleeping, and work habits.  With any luck, I have these other plans lined up and ready for 2015!

Now it's YOUR turn.  What are YOU going to do in 2015 to enhance YOUR life?  What strategies will YOU use?

I'd love to hear about them.  Send me an e-mail via the contact us link and tell me your plan and how you're doing on it already!

Dr. Brent Gear

Phoenix Weight Loss

Have a backup plan

This is HUGE.  Not only do you need a plan for food and exercise, but you also need a Backup Plan!  We all know your whole day can be derailed by one little mishap like rain.  So have a "pocket plan" ready to go.  If you go to a Mexican food restaurant, order your burrito in a bowl without the tortilla or get the sizzling fajitas!  If it's too hot, or wet, or humid, or snowy outside (just checking to see if you're paying attention!), go to the mall for a walk.  They'll happily let you in and hope you stop to buy something while you're there.  They have to air condition the place anyway.  Why not use it?  Can't get out of work?  Choose some office style exercises like from Fit Deck.  Not sure you'll have the right choices of food or going on a trip?  Pack some nuts or some hardy vegetables that can withstand the weather you're facing.  Need a crunchy chip?  Skip the potato chips and microwave some full size Kale, then sprinkle on some sea salt.  Seriously, there's more than one way to win at this!

This little fella is showing you how to do the 3 minute step test to assess your cardio pulmonary fitness.  We're gonna do this at every visit, too!


Dr. Gear shows you how to make a Chocolate Protein Shake!  Are you ready for this???

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